1200 Slot machines will operate in the largest casino in Europe – Cyprus

100+ gaming tables and more than 1000 slot machines are planned to be located in the Cyprus casino, which is at the stage of preparation for construction. The opening will take place in about 3 years, and it is predicted to be the largest casino in Europe.

Natalia Kardash, who heads the organizing committee of the Best Invest conference, talks about the opening date of the casino in 2022. Everything has already been prepared for construction – land, architectural design and license.

The location of the institution was previously intensely discussed in discussions, because it was forbidden to build a casino on the territory of Cyprus for many years.

The City of Dreams Mediterranean Casino will accommodate 136 gambling tables and about 1200 machines, which is more than anywhere else in Europe.

As part of the project, a hotel and some other infrastructure facilities will be built at the casino.

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