2 progressive jack-sweat in 2 days

Popular among players Slot Moha Moolah, which belongs to Microgaming, made 2 players at once for 48 hours.

In early March, the player ripped one of the largest jack-sweat in the history of Jack-Potet in the Mega Moolah gaming machine. He won 11, 5 million euros. But this is not the biggest amount that ever paid to the Microgaming network. This slot is available in almost any online casino, and each player may try to succeed, hitting a bonus round in this game. Not necessarily even put a round sum to try to win a couple of thousand euros. So this slot is more popular than others Slot machines.

After one happy millionaire in the world has become more, another news appears – a day later, another lucky man breaks away a decent kush in the same game. Although this win is not as big as the first – only 2.2 million euros.

Previously, the Microgaming network indicated that since the launch of the MEGA Moolah game car, the winnings of more than 1 billion euros were paid. The last winning Martov Jack Fights did not take into account.

It is worth noting that in the autumn of last year, this slot broke the Guinness record for the jack-sweat won in the amount of almost 19 million euros. And before this record amount of winnings was Jack Pot in the amount of 17.9 million euros.

Lucky, who ripped Kush in early March, not an experienced player at all – on the day of winnings he only registered in the gambling institution. To disrupt the big prize, he made 33 bets. MEGA MOOLAH Game made 71 people with a millionaire. Microgaming company clearly makes it clear to win a large amount, you do not need to put big money. Win decent money quite real – they proved the lucky ones of March 2019.

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