4 challenges with which the online casino industry will face in 2020

Expert opinions disagree, but according to the overall forecast of the gambling industry will increase more than twice as compared with the period 2017-2024, and all activities related to gambling on the Internet will almost reach the mark of $ 100 billion around the world in 2025.

This is an incredible growth for the industry, which is relatively immature. But it can be assumed that many factors will affect the industry, for example, liberalization of gambling laws in different states of the United States and changes in laws in countries such as Finland and Germany.

Despite the fact that growth, however, is a reason for joy, there are several areas that will represent problems for rates and gambling worldwide next decade. We will look at some of them .


To date, already countless bitcoin casino appeared. But it is also known that regulators and governments do not like the idea of ​​close relationship between cryptocurrency and game sites. In the end, everything comes down to transparency, and the use of crypto currencies is considered as an antitz to recent KYC policies and measures to combat fraud. MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) examines the viability of crypto currencies through Sandbox Framework, but it can be assumed that it will be more than a few years before we see the widespread use of crypto currency in online casino.


Various legislative restrictions on marketing and advertising will act in different countries. Nevertheless, so many parliaments offered regulations that look as if they significantly impede industry. The Labor Party of Great Britain, for example, called for incredibly hard measures, including the introduction of minimum rates and an increase in KYC policy. Of course, some regulatory acts and assistance in the responsible conduct of gambling, as well as clarity in relation to regulatory requirements, but the branch of the gambling industry will need to work even more tightly with regulatory authorities.


Despite the previously mentioned growth numbers, problems in order to attract Millenielov to play terrestrial and online casinos, remain. Undoubtedly, many players younger than 35 years old will enter the online casino website to play roulette or slot machines, but the task of interest to Millenialyans to play longer, undoubtedly remains from online casino operators. Much said about the idea of ​​the merger of the world video game and competitive online casino game. Perhaps such discussions will lead to the use of the vast popularity of such games as Fortnite and some types of cybersport. This is an interesting concept, and it is quite possible to foresee that in the near future we will see the real monetization of video games, proudly standing next to the classical casino games.

Environmental issues

It is almost guaranteed that each industry on the planet will be subjected to a more careful study of the environmental consequences of its activities. Technological companies of all types, as a rule, avoid such an inspection, since activists have more obvious culprits to pay more attention to them. Statistics relating to specifically developing online games are not available, but the industry can also get under control. Environmental problems are becoming increasingly relevant in the very near future.

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