5 main innovations in gambling

Gambling develops unequal. For example, card games are not famous for slow innovations. Blackjack play almost as well as hundred years ago. Slot machines represent impressive, you can say cardinal changes, transformed into online slots.

Some innovations in gambling forever changed the gaming industry and formed our opinion. We present five of the most impressive innovations that radically changed the gambling world for the past two decades.

Online Games

For many years the opportunity to legally play was only a few countries. However, technological progress in the field of gambling led to massive games in online casinos. There were the first jurisdiction to enable operators to apply for licenses. This was followed by the first online casino, the first online betting and gambling industry today has gone far ahead, inviting himself aboard millions of players online.

Despite the prohibitions in America, gambling online games gradually turned into a huge industry with a turnover of 35 billion dollars. Now that over 1000 online casinos in operation in more than 85 countries, with access to games online casinos have more people than ever before.

Thanks to online casinos and gambling games online innovations have evolved from what regularly takes only a few people in a hobby that is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world!

online slots

Slot machines as a concept have been known to us for the past two hundred years,. And although many people today remain stable mental image of the one-armed bandit with cherries and bells, this type of gaming machines is gone.

Gambling establishments than a year looking for ways to make the game more attractive and interesting. In the 70s he invented the first video slot Fortune Coin – one of the most important innovations iGaming. International gaming technology (IGT) not long to wait to buy Fortune Coin and begin to change the slot machine forever.

Developers among others were able to make the game fun. Authentic sound, vivid animation has become a standard for video slots. The free spins bonus is quite unusual and justify themselves, which makes slot machines a lot more like a video game. Suddenly online slots have become popular to such an extent that income from modern automata is 85%. The ability to change the settings on the machine allowed the casino to offer increasing jackpots, this in turn led to one innovation, progressive jackpots.

Progressive jackpots

IGT has forever changed the game by releasing the very first slot machine with progressive jackpot, Megabucks. This innovation was with a bang accepted by gambling society, so the new era of progressive jackpots began.

Prior to this, the slot machine could pay much less, as it was programmed to a fixed prize. Even the largest cash remunerations did not exceed $ 50,000, which is definitely a lot, but not radically changing life. In Megabucks, the prize increased for a certain amount every time he played. The lucky man could now win millions due to the fact that the jackpot increased very quickly. Now he accumulated a cash prize for several cars combined around the world.

Despite the fact that the jackpot win is very difficult, all the same, this type of car remains one of the most popular in terrestrial and online casino, with almost two dozen different games. Supporters of progressive jackpots even appeared behind the tables of card games, demonstrating adherence to the jackpot concept.

Machines tossing cards

Automatic Machine Touching Machine has long become a dream of those who work in the gaming industry. The earliest attempts to build a "taschny car" are traced back in 1878. In the second half of the 20th century, automatic tastovshchiki fell into a casino, these serial tsovers could drag only one or more decks for a short period of time. Thus, although they helped Blackjack dealers get less stress and accelerated the time of shuffling at the table, these cars still did not do anything cardinal to change the blackjack for the better.

At the beginning of the 2000s, Shuffle Master made his debut with the product – The King, the world’s first continuous hopping machine (CSM). After each distribution, the dealer could take and place the cards in the machine, which shifted the cards and randomized the decks. It could continue infinite. Thus, the innovation had a strong influence on card games.

CSM effectively affected the final indicators of the casino due to speeding up the game up to 20% and saving money, CSM has become a win-win option for the casino and, possibly, the most important innovation in desktop games.

Mobile games

Mobile games are not so many years, but, given their popularity and current global trends, the transition from desktop computers to mobile, people will talk about them very and very long.

In the late 90s, played games in the style of mobile casino began to appear, although it was elementary black and white games. Only in the era of smartphones, starting from the release of the iPhone, online casinos began to think seriously about creating mobile games.

The developer MFORTUNE started the cooking passion for mobile gambling. Currently, there are several dozen casinos offering hundreds of gaming machines and board games that are optimized for small gadget screens. The developers quickly advanced in the development of games, which even offer full-fledged banking opportunities on mobile devices, eliminating the need to ever enter the usual version of the online casino.

It is estimated that half of the online casino revenues are already on mobile gambling, and this number will grow, while traditional online games have not left behind the horizon.

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