53 LRWC EGAMING sites will be closed

The Philippines Pagcor’s gambling regulator continues to apply sanctions to a casino that does not meet the rules and norms established by the state. The next step in this direction is the closure of 53 sites of LRWC EGAMING. The result of such actions LRWC Egaming was a ban of projects Leisure Exponent and Total Gamezone (LRWC EGAMING subsidiaries).

Previously, the Pagcor regulator was revoked with 124 and licenses to operate electronic games, arguing that they do not have so-called playing places, respectively, there is a violation of legislation. Shopping Points usually offer clients slot machines, electronic card games, desktop casino games and video poker. Revocation of licenses can lead to colossal financial losses Pagcor.

LRWC EGAMING as a result of pagcor actions have already suffered a loss of USD 10 million, which is the fifth of the company’s profit. Leisure Legal Service & Resorts World Corporation was served protest, which calls Pagcor to reconsider its decision.

Leisure & Resorts World Corporation (LRWC EGAMING) has about 137 different sites and gambling projects and the closure of 53 sites is a serious blow to the company’s economic state.

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