A court decision in Latvia closed casino from Olympic Entertainment Group

In May 2017, the Riga City Council decided to close all casinos located in the historical center of the city.

Land-based casinos located in the historical center of Riga were subjected to massive layoffs in May 2017. It was then that the city council decided to close all themed establishments, not counting the casinos located at 4 and 5-star hotels. Olympic Entertainment Group intended to appeal the decision of the authorities, which ordered the closure of their casino at 15 Rheina Boulevard.

According to the latest data from OEG, the administrative court ruled in favor of the Riga City Council. The decree states that the casino should be closed by 2022. The CEO of the company Madis Jaager announced his intention to appeal the verdict in another court.

Earlier, OEG, despite the controversial situation, confidently stated that the new city laws would not cause significant inconveniences for Olympic Voodoo Casino. On the contrary, with the ban on opening casinos in the historic center, they themselves will have less competition.

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