A resident of Sevastopol won over 7 million rubles in the lottery

One of the residents of Sevastopol was able to win more than 7 million rubles in the State lottery "7 out of 49" by guessing seven numbers – six.
The following numbers were drawn in the drawing: 14, 44, 38, 46, 49, 28 and 2. The lucky one was able to guess 6 of them, winning 7 million 191 thousand 642 rubles. A man who has a wife and a son already knows where he will spend the entire won amount, he wants to buy a new large apartment for his family in Sevastopol, as well as help his relatives.
“We were visiting our parents when the drawing was taking place. I saw the dropped numbers and shouted out, now we are rich! The winning amount is very impressive. With my salary, to get that much, I have to work 24 years, ”said Sergei Klychev.
Also, the lucky winner of the prize, who now works at the plant as a mechanic for the repair of warships, wants to continue playing the lottery, hoping to receive a prize of 50 million rubles in order to open his own business.

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