The activity of illegal gaming casinos in the Czech Republic

From the New Year in the Czech Republic, due to changes in legal norms and laws, control over the owners of slot machines increased. Since the number of illegal online casinos in the country is only growing, such measures, according to state, are obliged to help deterrely.

One of the requirements for staying in the gambling online market has become a license on the operator of slot machines. With its absence, owners will have to face legal performers and police. Also in the country for the sphere of gaming business, taxation has increased, so for a casino – 35% of income, 23% for various lotteries and sports rates, and corporate tax has become 19%.

Contrary to all of the above in the Czech Republic, non-license institutions are functioning in the Czech Republic, although most of the world-famous holdings, for example, such as William Hill and MR Green, still ceased to lead their activities.

Czech Arm of Transparency International is confident that now in the state in the course of at least 25 illegal operators, against which power does not take action, which demonstrates flaws in executive laws in the field of game business.

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