Analysis of the game markets of Spain and Portugal will hold on EGC

The main markets of the gambling industry, such as Spain and Portugal, will be analyzed by leading EGC Milan 2019 experts.

The gambling industry in Spain and Portugal flourished for 4 recent years. A study conducted by the Portuguese Association of Gambling Online Games (APAJO) has shown that in Portugal there are from 400 to 600 thousand players, which range from 4.6% to 6.9% of the country’s adult population.

Study called "Online gambling in Portugal – the best rate for the national regulatory system" prepared at the request of APAJO Winning Scientific Management showed that the Portuguese market has grown organically and balanced in accordance with the analyzed European markets. However, operators need greater protection at the level of licensing mechanisms.

Gambling online games are available in the country for only a few years, but quickly became very popular.

Statistics in Portugal demonstrated that the gambling market in the country showed much better results for the first quarter of this year, with income of more than 47 million euros for three months.

Online casino market in Europe is currently flourishing, and these new figures relating to Portugal only confirm this fact. Income in the country increased significantly over the past 12 months, and everyone will be followed by the country will eventually preserve this pace in the coming months and years. It is undoubtedly intriguing time for the industry, and it will be interesting to see what will happen next.

More than half of the income were obtained from sports rates, and for football accounts for almost 75 percent online rates. From the point of view of games online Casino slot machines brought income of 22.6 million. Euro (63%). It followed online roulette and blackjack.

The Gaming industry in Spain is also becoming an increasingly attractive market for operators and suppliers; with bright forecasts for the future.

The country has a growing number of new customers, but we also observe the exponential trend of the transition of players online, which, in turn, is a catalyst for a very interesting social effect, more and more of their friends join the digital world. This definitely indicates the involvement of a new generation of players in Igaming.

On the European Game Congress (EGC), key industry experts from Spain and Portugal are collected to conduct a qualitative discussion that you need to know online casino operators when entering the market or if they are already active in the region that they should be done to improve their presence.

Discussion will be held in Milan on November 8 at the Radisson Blu Hotel Milan. The Spanish and Portugal Gambling Industry will be discussed during the discussion on the topic "Highlights of South-Western Europe".

Features of the Portuguese market

The market of gambling business in Portugal is considered quite promising, but at the same time more relaxed in comparison with the legislation of other European countries.

Portugal government made a country available for gambling online. All forms of gambling, including online casino games are currently regulated by the Government of the country. The authorities set the goal to provide citizens legal, carefully controlled and, above all, safe opportunities for gambling.

However, the situation with online casino in the country is somewhat difficult due to the fact that local sites are primarily intended for local players. The government also runs near the online casino and works in collaboration with several private gambling networking structures to provide reliable gambling services to citizens of Portugal.

Other games in Portugal are allowed, but they are available for work only in the case of a signed contract. Contracts are usually concluded for two to three decades.

In 2015, the government approved several new laws to expand the current legislation of Portugal. The Council of Ministers again approved the legal framework of online casino gambling, in order to create new gambling rules for greater system stability.

Features of the Legal Base in Spain

Gambling legalized in Spain and this is a favorite employment of local residents. The country boasts a prosperous gambling industry, as it is one of the most gambling in the world. Spain legalized all types of gambling.

For most of the one and a half centuries, gambling activity in the country was limited, gambling was carefully controlled by the state. The Government of Spain officially allowed the game in 1977. Slot machines were legalized several years later – in 1981.

The country’s legislation on gambling, which entered into force in June 2012, some changes were made. The amendments included many changes regarding the activities of online casinos, including fines for organizing illegal gambling activities.

In general, the laws for gambling in Spain are considered softer than in many other European countries. Prior to their official regulation in 2006, playgrounds and online rates were regulated mainly by the regional government throughout Spain.

Until recently, gaming machines on the Internet and stock exchange rates were prohibited in the country. At the end of July 2014, Spanish legislators decided to change these rules.

Spanish Gambling Act provides autonomous communities the opportunity to determine the basic rules of gambling in their regions. Nevertheless, Spain managed to create a stronger combined and consolidated game legislation, and its main goal was to create a unified regulatory framework for the whole country for all forms of online games.

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