Analysis of the influence of the game dependency taking into account the floor of the subject

Increasingly, such a word began to appear on the hearing as "Ludomania". This is not just a term – this is a disease that has struck players. And this has its own reasons: the gaming industry has reached such a scale that only a minor part of the population has never tried to experience luck in one or another direction of gambling sphere. In this regard, this disease began to spread.

Scientists are actively engaged in lending. A comparative analysis of the influence of gambling addiction on male and female organisms held scientists from Adelaide and Suiberian Universities. In the experiment, 1185 people were involved, 605 of which are women. Also among these participants were 338 people who were officially considered problem players. Slot machines The test shows the catalyst, namely: a series of failures that accompanied the players for a long time.

During the study, it was possible to establish the following differences in the emotional state of the subjects:

– Women are less prone to aggressive behavior aimed at serving gambling institutions, unlike men who did not try to hide him. Women closed in themselves, what affected their appearance.

– Men are less hidden in their hobbies, their family was aware of the current situation, the women, on the contrary, preferred that others do not know about their weaknesses.

This and many other studies will definitely help in adjusting behavior as attendants in relation to "Sicklaby" people and will allow you to determine closest in the early deadlines "Problem" in the family circle.

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