Artificial intelligence platform Ludo revolutionizes game creation

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Ludo, a platform for creativity in AI games, announced its open beta after a very successful closed beta and has attracted the attention of independent studios from around the world. Game creators tasked with releasing the next hit game, emulating the success of games like Call of Duty, Among Us, Fortnite and Fall Guys, now have the answer in Ludo, the world’s first AI game idea tool.

In Latin, Ludo means "I play." The platform, which is in constant development and learning, uses natural language processing to process requests for the development of a game concept. The Ludo database is based on data from hundreds of thousands of different games, the artificial intelligence used to create games is very agile and smart. When requesting a new idea for a keyword game from the Ludo database, the AI ‚Äč‚Äčimmediately generates several concepts for development, and also provides the user with various images with which the developer can immediately start working to move to a new stage in creating an innovative game.

AI has never been used at the beginning of the game-making process before. Ludo is set to revolutionize game development, allowing developers to adopt unique game concepts within minutes of processing their request. What’s more, since the powerful features of Ludo are available to any studio size, the creation process has been democratized.

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