AvatarUX Introduces Stylish Fruit PapayaPop Slot

AvatarUX presents the stylish fruit slot PapayaPop [ZEBR_TAG_ / h1>

AvatarUX has taken fruit slots to the next level of glamor with their latest hit PapayaPop featuring the fan-favorite PopWins mechanic.

Inspired by the Art Deco era, the High Volatility Hit is the newest addition to the vendor’s PopWins series, the reel can grow to six symbols in the base game and up to nine symbols in the free spins mode.

To activate the unlimited free spins mode, all reels must reach their maximum height of six symbols, while players are given three spins. For each winning spin, the counter is reset. During the bonus round, with each new spin, the multiplier increases by 1 times.

Before the free spins mode, players have the option to play unlimited free spins. Winning the game gives players a higher starting multiplier and higher starting reels, while losing the game negates the free spins.

PapayaPop is the seventh game in the PopWins series from AvatarUX and continues to win fans around the world with its addictive mechanics.

Marcus Honney, Managing Director of AvatarUX, said:

“Our PopWins collection has been an incredible success for us and we are very pleased with the way players around the world have accepted it. PapayaPop uses an art deco theme and adds even more excitement to the gamblers with the wheel of gambling, where those who dare to take risks can win even more. ”

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