Gambling in Switzerland

Any types of gambling were prohibited in Switzerland for most of the 20th century. All forms of such activities were prohibited in the country through the law adopted by the Government of the country in 1921.

No matter what gambling is relatively new in Switzerland, many citizens consider games to be a favorite activity. More than 50% of Switzerland residents constantly take part in the national lottery of the country. Considering the fact that online casino, poker and sport rates are completely legitimate, it is expected that the industry will become even more popular.

In April 2000, the Federal Law on Gambling and Casino allowed to play unlimited rates. This happened for the first time in about 80 years. In addition, according to Swiss laws on gambling, games were divided into two categories called adknex games and gambling. The Swiss casino was allowed to play only in gambling.

The Federal Council of Switzerland is the authority responsible for issuing casino licenses. It also determines the total number of licenses that may be issued, as well as their term.

Despite the fact that casino and gambling in Switzerland are rapidly gaining popularity, this does not mean that the Swiss government fully admits operations with online casinos. Nevertheless, there is absolutely no legislative act to ensure the prohibition. This is the reason why an increasing number of online casinos is valid in the country. Millions of euros are spent annually for gambling in the online casino by local residents.

According to the country’s legislation, Swiss players are not allowed to bet on local online casino sites, so they must use foreign sites online gembling. Players can choose from a variety of such sites, and the most pleasant thing is that Swiss banks usually do not have any problems when transferring funds to online casinos and back to player game accounts.

The government of the country seeks to ensure proper regulation of the online game market. Currently, there is a movement, which is mainly focused on the legalization and regulation of gambling on the Internet, including online poker. Nevertheless, the Government of Switzerland is working out the control details of gambling online casinos. It is expected that such regulatory actions will increase total tax revenues. If legislation on gambling online games will be officially improved, players from Switzerland will be allowed to bet on local licensed websites.

The average number of permanent players in Switzerland as a whole decreased. Study conducted by the Lottery and Rates Commission (Comlot) and Eidgenössische SpielbankenKommission (ESBK) shows that only 16.4% of respondents played gambling at least once a month.

The study was conducted on 18,832 respondents, while 16.4% said that they took part in at least one form of gambling every month, compared with 16.9% in 2012 and 18% in 2007. As for expenses, players who said they often played gambling, spent less than 10 Swiss francs month, while 39% said they did rates, spending from 10 to 99 Swiss francs.

The lottery was the most popular form of gambling, 48.2% of the players said they constantly bought tickets. 6.7% of people surveyed played in board games, in slot machines -6.7%, and sports rates – 4.5%.

Less than two thirds of respondents who played gambling, said they are not risking anything and follow the rules of a safe gambling. Most respondents (22.1%) play games supplied by international, not national online providers.

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