A noiseless bonus for a like in Slot Club Casino

Jim on the social network icon on the online online casino club slot and share a record on one of your Google+ pages, VK, Facebook or my world. After publishing knocks in the player support chat and show the support to the operator, the link to your SS page with this entry. Clean that the page is open for viewing to all users.

Accrued a non-deposited bonus in the size of the last lost deposit in Casino Slot Club .

Wager 40.

The maximum amount of payment is equal to the sum of the bonus multiplied by 2, but there can be no less minimal output from the casino.

The minimum deposit amount to which the bonus can be accrued is 2 dollars, 50 UAH or 100 rubles. For those who take part in the action for the first time, the bonus can be accrued to any last loser deposit (but at least 10 UAH or 20 rubles).

ATTENTION! In the case of deposit until a complete wage of a no-deposited bonus and before applying for payment, all winnings will be canceled!

Your page in the social network should be "alive", have records, pictures and friends.

If you delete an entry from your page to Bonus wage – you will be denied the payday. The recording time must be earlier than the accrual of a no-deposited bonus. Also, you may be denied the issuance of new non-deposited bonuses – if you removed likes earlier.

Bonus for the publication can be obtained no more than once a week.

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