Business Switzerland does not support the game limit online

Representatives of SWICO – Swiss Organization expressed a protest against government plans to restrict operations of world gaming platforms.

According to members of the Association of SWICO – developers of organizational, communication and information technologies, even minimal censorship represents the risk of online activity, and as a result of a digital economy and security. In the lower chamber of the Swiss Parliament, a new law is still underway, which limits the work of foreign casinos online in the state.

According to the representatives of the SWICO, the modern level of knowledge of subscribers will easily circumvent the restrictions that, beyond any doubt, activates criminal behavior on the Internet. The protective response of consumers to censorship will contribute to concealing meaningful information about the activities of online services for the game in Slot machines, What, in turn, forms suitable conditions for the development of cybercriminals.

SWICO – Schweizerischer Wirtschaftsverband Der Informations-, Kommunikations- und OrganizationStechnik – Association of about 450 and organizations, with employment about 56 thousand.employees whose activities are the scope of high technology. SWICO generate an annual turnover of 20 billion. CHF (19.4 billion USD).

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