BluePrint Gaming acquired LiveWire Gaming

Commercial agreements – a very common thing in the gaming industry. The merger ensures savings due to scale and increases the competitiveness of the industry. Thus, the company will have more opportunities to increase their income and at the same time optimize business processes. It is for this reason that BluePrint Gaming recently acquired LiveWire Gaming, game developer for online casino from Britain.

After a number of successful agreements, BluePrint Gaming seeks to strengthen its position as one of the leading suppliers in the market. Livewire Gaming is an expert in developing games C categories C, B3, D and B4 for the English region. In fact, many of these games were implemented using BluePrint Gaming. Consequently, since both brands are successfully working together, why don’t they just unite. After the successful partnership Livewire Gaming will continue to work as an independent studio. It will continue to concentrate on the creation of products also for ground game complexes. Moreover, the company will retain well-deserved leadership under the leadership of Alan Kleipol. Merger with LiveWire Gaming will expand the potential of the presence of BluePrint in different regions of Europe. Currently, a well-known and respected brand is developing original content, and most likely after the acquisition of LiveWire Gaming in the near future, the company will be able to dominate the industry.

After the last commercial agreement in the industry, the General Director of the Gauselmann Group in the UK expressed his opinion:

"Livewire and BluePrint had a close relationship for many years, so this merger makes sense for both sides. The official representative of the company added that they hope to build a successful partnership ".

Acquisition of LiveWire Gaming This is the last purchase of Blueprint Gaming this year. Earlier in 2019, the brand also acquired Project Coin Limited. After these agreements, BluePrint Gaming expands its online and retail suggestions. This is exactly what the supplier seeks. He wants to provide Content for the global gambling industry and become the leading online casino game developer. Well, so far it copes with this task pretty good. This and many other commercial agreements will be concluded soon.

About LiveWire Gaming UK

Founded in 2007, Livewire Gaming has won a reputation as a supplier of high-quality game products in collaboration with many different partners. The company is working on the creation of products, ranging from the concept itself. Livewire Gaming has deep knowledge of the complex European gaming market. Products are designed and approved in a laboratory for a number of clients. Development of system software for providing interface with equipment is another aspect of business. Together with partners, Instance Automatics, Livewire has developed several SWP successful machines. These high-quality gaming transformations are available exclusively from Instance Automatic. Many years of experience in the AWP markets (CAT C) and CLUB (CAT B4) in the UK gives LiveWire Gaming the ability to produce gaming products based on mechanical drums and digital video games. These games are new concepts that can be transferred to an alternative gaming platform.

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