Caesars Entertainment plans to expand into the US market

Caesars Entertainment intends to buy out part of the casinos owned by Quicken Loans Inc. The company announced such an initiative, hardly the owner of Quicken Loans, Dan Gilbert announced the forthcoming departure of his company from the gambling market. Institutions in Cincinnati, Cleveland and Detroit were vacant.

The intermediaries through which the casino is sold are Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse. The companies are not commenting on the situation, but individuals close to the owner of Caesars Entertainment have reported that the corporation is interested in some of these properties. And just recently, representatives of the corporation announced plans to cover a part of the US betting market.

Gilbert himself was at one time an active advocate for the legalization of casinos in Ohio. The corresponding law was passed in 2009, and in 2012 the billionaire opened his first casino, located in the Higbee department store. Gilbert is also the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team.

Jack Entertainment, in turn, claims the Jack Casino in Ohio and the Greektown casino hotel complex in Detroit, as well as 4 other properties that include casinos and racetracks in various locations. The company has become one of the best innovators in gambling according to the results of the past year.

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