Casinos will not operate in Boracay

The Boracay Tourism Department said that the island’s authorities intend to abandon the casino. As soon as the island opens, gambling establishments will be banned. Naturally, new casinos on the island will no longer be built. Moreover, they will also refuse from already existing establishments.

In today’s date. Boracay is closed to the public. This will be the case until October 26, 2018. More than 500 companies operating in the tourism business have suffered significant losses as a result. The total revenue of such institutions in 2017 amounted to over $ 1 billion.

The House of Representatives says the department is not responsible for these issues, and neither is President Duterte. Only the PAGCOR regulator can close the island.

In the spring of this year, the island’s population opposed the casino, enlisting the support of the clergy and going out to protest actions.

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