Century Casinos network expands in Poland

Century Casinos is preparing to expand on the Polish market, a major gambling operator from the United States, which also has casinos in Canada, Vietnam, Britain and on board cruise ships.

2 Century Casinos have been operating in Warsaw for some time. Now the Polish branch of Casinos Poland Ltd has its second license in its hands and is preparing to open 6 more establishments. In particular, Century will have a third Warsaw casino, as well as establishments in new cities – Krakow, Katowice, Lodz, Bielsko-Biala and Wroclaw.

Expansion on the Polish market was not without obstacles for them. And here is what Peter Heitzman, the company’s CEO, says now: since the auction is completed and the license has been obtained, the organization is looking forward to the moment when they will have 8 Polish casinos on their account. The gambling industry in the country is developing rapidly, and Century Casinos are making optimistic forecasts.

It is known that at the moment 51% of the shares of Century Casinos belong to their Australian division. In April, it also acquired the rights to operate a small Vietnamese casino at a hotel in Cao Bang. The controlling stake in Golden Hospitality Ltd has since been owned by Resorts Management GmbH.

They also indirectly cover the Chinese market. Although gambling is prohibited on the territory of mainland China, the administrative region of Vietnam borders on the provinces of China Guangxi and Yunnan. So, on the border there are casinos that are visited by Chinese tourists.

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