Check lottery in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan decided to follow other countries and decided to introduce check lottery. The country’s president personally disposed of new technology in the gambling sphere, and now the Uzbeks will have the opportunity to play the lottery, buying various goods.

Check lottery and its meaning

Any citizen of the country when buying a product may ask the seller a special check, where the code can be specified that. This lottery started 1. ten. 2019. Participants are only physical.Persons. They should not only get the code, but also register it.

Check lottery is state. 106 thousand dollars allocated for its implementation.

What is important for the Uzbek authorities such a lottery

This entertainment is not easy to entertain: the state is thus controlling taxpayers. After all, the buyer will now not give up the check when buying any product, he will demand it to participate in the draw. After checking the checks, the government will see real incomes of stores.

Some politicians believe that entrepreneurs do not indicate the real figures of their income. But in the case of the check lottery, the information will be more than reliable. However, buyers fear to increase prices for goods due to possible financial losses of sellers.

The State Tax Committee will monitor the draw. Lottery will first take place in Tashkent. After analyzing it, the state will gradually introduce new technologies and other regions.

This is not the only kind of lottery in the country. There are also instant and circulation lotteries that belong to the People’s Bank.

Experience of other countries

This state is far from the first to launch such a lottery. Not so long ago, she was launched in Latvia. She began on July 1. Residents of the country can win from 100 to 20 thousand euros. Participants should register their purchases checks. But the results of the lottery have not yet performed.

But the Czech Republic has already bother the outcome of the lottery. After the introduction of this lottery in the treasury state paid by $ 14 million more. The state encouraged the winners not only by prizes in the monetary equivalent, the cars were also played.

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