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Lovers of slot machines, fans of black jack and roulettes have long played in the establishments of the grandmother Europe. To whom, as not true connoisseurs of the game to know that the gambling houses of Europe have always been places where serious passions around the game could flared. To enjoy visiting a casino and newcomers, because as they say: "Who does not risk, he does not drink champagne".

Casino "Monte Carlo" in the famous Monaco (Monaco Principality, France)
This casino is rightfully considered one of the best casinos of the world. The first players, this gambling establishment took place in the distant 1856 and almost immediately became one of the most popular casinos of Europe, and remains such to this day. This gambling institution on the azure coast of the Mediterranean Sea is considered to be a symbol of prestigious and elitism, because the special gloss of this casino gives the fact that there are monarchs in the list of owners. Did not go around and gave even greater glory to this elite casino Hollywood directors and screenwriters. So, if you are not an avid player, you can visit "Monte Carlo", because you can always switch your attention from the game to other sights of Monaco.

Casino "AVIATION CLUB DE FRANCE" in Paris (France)
Not a very big gambling establishment, with deep history opened in the capital of France in 1907 and quickly conquered the title of the best car house of old Europe. Fans of all card games, including poker gathered in the Aviation Club de France casino. Currently, the largest poker tournaments passing in France are held in this elitar gambling institution. To everyone who came to Paris, in terms of numerous attractions, is worth a visit and this casino.

Casino Club "Clermont Club" in London (England)
According to experts, one of the best luxury casinos. In this institution, players feel not just visitors, but casino owners. To each visitor here refer to individual attentiveness and care. In "Clermont Club", in addition to the gambling hall, there are also their bar and a salon with live music, where you can relax after the exhausting game. All those who visited this casino always respond to him with delight, and this is the best advertisement.

Casino "Sanremo" is located in the same city of Sanremo (Italy)
The history of the Casino "Sanremo" takes his beginning in 1905. Initially, the institution worked like chickens. The casino was a place where foreigners were going to visit and Italian to know, concerts, theatrical productions and were organized for lunches. Now this institution is a casino with a world-famous and reputation. In the "Sanremo" casino will find games like not only lovers of card games or roulettes, as well as there is a huge range of slot machines for every taste. Tournaments on slot machines in this casino have long been known worldwide and every year they attract an increasing number of players.

Casino "InterLaken" (Switzerland)
In the flourish of his glory in this casino, the elite from all over the world, rich and celebrities did not miss the chance to play favorite games after skiing. Recently, the fame of glory is returned to this glory, and players go to Switzerland not only for active recreation, but also for gambling. After all, that can be cooler than the game from dawn and before sunset in the casino on the Alpine vertices?

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