What is progressive jackpot and how it works

What is progressive jackpot

Progressive jackpot accumulate over time. There is no fixed amount for progressive jackpots, but it continues to grow, the more players participate. Every time the player plays the slot machines with a progressive jackpot, a small percentage of his bet falls in the amount of jackpot. Progressive jackpots sometimes reach millions of dollars, and each online casino player has a chance to a major win.

In the end, when one lucky one will collect the right combination to win a progressive jackpot, he will leave with all the money accumulated before that moment. Most progressive jackpots have a minimal amount when the player wins the jackpot, the minimum level is set, that is, the automatic reset is triggered to the minimum level.

Types of progressive jackpot

There are three types of progressive jackpots:

  • Internal (in-house) progressive jackpot. The slot group is connected together within the online casino on the network, forming larger jackpots each time adding to the main jackpot.
  • Autonomous (Stand-Alone) progressive jackpots Not related to any other sites online slots. General progressive jackpots for autonomous progressive slot machines are much lower than progressive jackpots that are associated with other online casinos. For this reason, they are not so attractive for players.
  • Progressive Jackpots of the Wide range (Wide Area) – Third view. They are interconnected from various online casinos and provide the biggest jackpots due to the number of players from the world, thanks to which huge amounts are accumulated. As a result, the lucky players can knock down a large jackpot in manufacturers of automatic brands NETENT, Microgaming and DR.

Jackpot size can vary significantly: from several hundred dollars to million dollars. As Jackpots increases, the probability of winning remains unchanged. It gives users the opportunity to win huge amounts of money when the prize fund reaches the maximum.

While most of the programs with progressive jackpot are found in the names of online slots, many board games and video poker also provide users with the opportunity to play a progressive jackpot.

How progressive jackpots work

The reason why the progressive jackpot is so called is that the prize fund continues to grow in the form of a jackpot until he is in the end. Play slot machines with progressive jackpot, as a rule, just like playing a regular gaming machine or video poker. The difference consists only of adding progressive jackpot and a special winning jackpot combination.

When you play progressive jackpots online, it happens that the online casino group unites his players in the same prize fund. This allows you to increase the jackpots that increase much faster due to the fact that players add to the prize fund every time they play games for real money. Some of the world’s largest slot machines with jacpotes are associated with hundreds of online casinos from around the world.

Online casino guarantee an honest game using random numbers generators. This means that each spin has the same chances of winning, and that the game for a long time does not increase the likelihood of winning in the future.

Before the game in any progressive jackpot, be sure to read the specific rules of the game that may vary from one slot machine to another.

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