Colombia’s illegal gambling business leaves the healthcare sector without funds

Now in Colombia there are more than three thousand gambling establishments officially operating, in the halls of which there are more than 400 casino tables and 35 thousand machines. However, according to the official regulator Coljuegos of gambling in Colombia, illegal gambling operators have also become more active in the country. So, since the beginning of 2018 alone, about two thousand underground halls have been closed in Colombia.

Reportedly, significant growth in the gambling industry in Colombia has been taking place since 2015, and the country’s shadow gambling market intensified in 2017-2018. During this time, Colombian law enforcement officers arrested 33 people related to illegal gambling business, the detainees face up to 8 years in prison. Tax evasion by these people has negatively impacted the health and social services sectors. As noted, the official gambling business brings about $ 10 million a year to the Colombian budget, and about 50% of these funds are directed to the health sector.

According to Colombian legislation, the gambling tax is 15-17%. There is also a requirement for the mandatory return of winnings to the player in the amount of 83% or more.

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