Date of licensing of gambling operators in Sweden announced

In Sweden, Lotteriinspektionen (the gambling regulator) advised companies that want to operate in the country to hurry up to get the license. They will be accepted for processing on August 1, 2018.

Until the beginning of next year, the regulator is going to process the maximum number of applications and those companies that fulfill the requirements will be issued permits for activities.

The questionnaire for betting and online gambling operators consists of 14 sheets.   The gambling operator stated that applications must be completed in the local language (Swedish).

Lotteriinspektionen added that they cannot yet give guarantees for applications that will be submitted later during the year, or are difficult or require additional documents, "the issuance of a license from January next year.

"Permitting documents will be issued only to those companies that have experience and knowledge of running a gambling business," the organization noted. Companies that intend to operate in the Swedish market will be required to pay about $ 50 thousand when applying for licenses.

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