Children bring good luck

This is the opinion of 29-year-old Janett Oksnes from Norway. The reason for this conclusion of the young woman was three winnings in the lottery. But the whole interest is that all three winnings occurred exactly when Janet became mom.

For the first time it happened in 2006. The day after the birth of a child, Father Norwegian won 4.2 million in the lottery. Kron. The second time, lucky the most Janet. She won 8.2 million. crowns per day before the appearance of his second child in 2009. And finally. For the third time, Brother Janet was a 18-year-old Tord. He was able to win a lottery of 12.2 million crowns.

"It’s just madness. We are not so often playing the lottery", – Oxnes admitted.

Reporters Meanwhile, make sure that the winnings of the family are growing with the advent of each next baby.

But Janet itself reports that her family is planning to "stop" and at the birth of children and participating in the lottery.

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