What do you need a joker

Who opened a new deck for playing poker, saw that it consists exactly of those cards that are used in the game – 52 from the ace before the twos. But French consists of 54 cards, because it includes two additional cards with the image of the jester – black and white and color. They are called joker.

For what a joker?

Joker is used in a variety of card games in which the rules provide for the opportunity to replace them with another card to add a winning combination in poker. That is, the joker does not have a nominal, but in the game can take any desired nominal and suit. Suppose if you have two cards – ace and joker, you can consider Joker for the second ace.
So used whether a joker is used in poker? Yes, indeed, in traditional species of poker, Joker is not. But there are specific types of poker, not so long ago and usually cultivating in the casino. These include, for example, American poker and poker with Joker (Joker Poker). Poker game rules with jokers are usually simple.

What do you need a joker

Poker with Joker – Rules

In American poker, the game is being done against the dealer and begins with the players by the players ante in poker and distributing five cards to each player, including a dealer, and one of these cards is surreated in open. Next, players make bets or reset their cards depending on the combination on hand. Some species of Americans involve the possibility of paid for the replacement of a certain number of cards. Joker in this game can use any nominal and suit in poker to add a winning combination. In some varieties of the game, it enhances the combination, for example, if it is a couple of, this combination is considered to be two pairs.

What do you need a joker

Poker with Joker, the rules of which almost fully comply with the rules of Caribbean poker, also has an initial bet in the form of ante, distribution of five cards to one player and dealer. At the same time, the last map of the dealer gets in the open. The game between the player and the dealer is carried out with a replacement from one to five cards and continues until one of them has a winning combination. Joker can be used as any card. However, it should be noted that the combination compiled with a joker is weaker than similar, built without his help.

Unpredictable poker with a joker

So why in poker Joker? First, it allows you to make poker Texas Hold’em more versatile, adding additional interesting types to the list of standard games. Secondly, Poker with Joker turns out to be more unpredictable, and because more acute and fascinating. It gives one of the players a significant advantage over the rest, which is quite difficult to read even experienced players. Thirdly, the number of winning combinations in such a form of poker is greater than in ordinary types, which makes the game more dynamic and saturated adrenaline.

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