Voluntary renunciation of the casino as a way to deal with Gamblers

Gamblers (game addiction, gambling addiction) – it is human behavior that is dominated by frequent visits to gambling, as a result of decrease in social, occupational and physical components of a person’s life. In recent years more and more record symptoms of gambling addiction in humans due to numerous gambling establishments. Since this is a disease, and the treatment is necessary to apply the relevant. One such method is the voluntary renunciation of visiting gambling. In addition to this voluntary abandonment program involves treatment anonymously in an institution if necessary "Gamblers", support hotline, and many other ways to support people with gambling addiction.

In South Korea, in one of the local casinos "Kangwon Land" recently recorded an increase in the number of those wishing to voluntarily withdraw from visiting such places. This growth volunteers shows the productivity of the program, launched to combat gambling population. According to statistics in 2016 it joined the program for almost four and a half thousand people. The main rules of this program are: restriction of outstanding players for the aid – not more than three times, as well as the period of restriction of three years. If a person is unable to cope with the problem during this period, the limitation may be extended for an indefinite period.

At the same time, residents of Maryland say that this method of struggle is ineffective, given that for three months 2017 is already forty-three have broken the casino regime "maryland Live! Casino". They argue that the casino for their own enrichment ignore the need for identification of Gamblers. The head of the casino, in which the violators revealed, the guilty of LudoMans themselves, and not the program, arguing this to the need for the players themselves to control their actions.

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