Long-awaited New Games 2019

With the growing popularity of the gembling industry, the number of all kinds of games is growing. Although there are hundreds of game best-selling hundreds of game bestsellers, developers manage to come up with something new and long-awaited for the player. About the 10 most anticipated games are located at the final stage of development and they are about to see the world. Let’s look at the most anticipated games of this year.


This is a continuation of the popular game from Technland. The player is immersed in a zombie apocalypse. On the screen everything is so real, which intercepts the spirit. The game trailer came out not so long ago – June 9. And he inspired fans of zombie action. The trailer showed that the game will be an atmospheric sound, worthy graphics and tricks.

Including the game, Gamer will be in the only city of Europe, where the first scary events took place 15 years ago. Developers decided to change the main character in the second part. They will be one infected man who will help the city to survive at any cost. This part will be much more locations, weapons and teams.

In order for the player fully immersed in the gameplay, you need to use a powerful stuffing computer.

After the release of the trailer, it became obvious that the game will be released in the spring of next year.

Death Stranding

The game immediately attracted gamers with her mysteriousness. The project belongs to Codzima Production.

The trailer was shown at the gaming conference last year. Then the idea of ​​the game struck everyone: this is a reality with the elements of the action. The player must find a connection between cities. Interestingly, computer heroes were written with persons of famous actors.

The main hero of the game is Sam, who is trying to revive the world after an alien invasion. The player must contrary to different obstacles to deliver parcels in different places. In this game there is no function of saving the game. If the hero perits, he gets into the afterlife. And from there back to the ground where everything continues to go to her.

The game for PS4 will be released on November 8, and for the PC, most likely next year.

NiOh 2

This is a continuation of the Japanese game about Samurai. PS game; already came out, but the version for the computer will have to wait. Nobody expected the second part of the game will be released. But the developer presented a teaser on one of the gaming press conferences. For a short roller, it became clear that in this part it will be improved the detailing of the battle and the heroes editor will be available.

Now it is not known where events will occur, and which locations will be involved in the new part, but this will definitely be the first series.

The output of the game for PS4 is expected at the end of this year. The full-fledged computer version will be expected to be released in a year.

Ghost of tsushima

This expected novelty from the American developer of the Sacker Panch Production. About her development company said back in 2017.

The plot occurs in the real world. The game tells about the Samurai, who himself fights for his country.

The player will like to apply samurai techniques, ride a horse and climb on the rocks.

It is known that the company creates a game for 6 years. In general, it is likely that every detail of the game will be thought out to the smallest detail, and it will be the best in its topics.

It is not known when the world will see the game, however, in some sources it is stated that for the playlist, the demo version will be released in 2020.

The Last of US 2

This novelty is waiting for many lovers of Khoror. This part is a continuation of the first game, where it tells about the life of people after a terrible epidemic. Then many people died or turned into a zombie. The main characters of the game are a girl and a guy who are trying to survive in the city after a terrible epidemic. In the new part, the girl will revenge her enemy. It is also known that the developer will delight players with a large selection of weapons.

The manufacturer paid attention to details: And now the hero can squeeze through narrow moves, hide and choose different battle techniques. Due to the details of the work, the realism of what is happening.

However, the game is still unknown.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

This long-awaited game will see the world at the end of July of this year, and in different versions. Most recently, a new, colorful game trailer.

Actions in the game occur 19 years after the events that were in the first part. In the new series of daughters will look for their father-hero, who disappeared during the war.

Interestingly, the game can be held together. You can also buy additional weapons and money skills. But according to the team of the team of developers, the players will not need to buy anything, because the heroes are already endowed with everything necessary.

Demo version for PS4 can be used at the end of July.

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