Dutch Gaming Association approves new EGBA data protection code

Dutch Gaming Association approved new EGBA data protection code [ZEBR_TAG_ / h1>

The Dutch Online Gambling Association (Speel Verantwoord) officially approved the new EGBA European Data Protection Code of Conduct for the online gambling sector on June 24.

The Code of Conduct on Data Protection in Online Gambling sets long-term data protection standards for the European gambling sector and aims to complement and strengthen the sector’s GDPR compliance. The code is part of a broader EGBA effort to implement standards in the online gambling sector and is GDPR compliant, which encourages the use of industry codes to support the correct application of its provisions.

Speel Verantwoord is the first national gambling association to publicly endorse the code and will now promote the code among its members and encourage other gambling companies in the Netherlands to subscribe to it. Once approved by the European data protection authorities, the code will apply to EGBA members and other Internet gambling companies who sign it and will be monitored by an independent third party.

“We are very pleased with Speel Verantwoord’s support and commitment to protecting the privacy of Dutch customers. This code ensures that customers understand how their personal information is used and provides important guidance on how companies should use personal information in their interactions with customers, including how they identify and resolve gambling problems. " – said Martin Hayer, EGBA general secretary.

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