Jack Pot in Powerball survived 300 million dollars

American Powerball Lottery, whose draw was held last Wednesday, did not find a lucky way, who would break the jack-sweat in the amount of $ 260 million. Now Jack Pot has become even more and amounts to 320 million dollars. In order to become its owner, you must correctly indicate five numbers of 59 white balls and one of 35 red.

Powerball was founded in 1988 and is now one of the most popular world lotteries. For its players, PowerBall arranges and additional draws in various casinos that can bring good luck.

The biggest winnings in this lottery were in 2012 (558 million dollars) and in 2006 (365 million dollars). Lucky can get their winnings immediately, with the exception of some deductions and taxes, and can receive a certain SUMA of money for several years.

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