Jerry Young will lose his champion bracelet that will leave with a hammer

The winner of the WSOP 2007, Jerry Yangu threaten trouble from the tax police. The fact is that Young has not paid a timely tax on casino and other gambling, which is envisaged by law. The tax inspectorate was arrested not only the real estate of the winner in poker, but also its assets. And the Yang bracelet, which he received in the tournament as a result of victory, confiscated and will be put up for auction.

Young himself justifies himself by the fact that after receiving the winnings "hit" in charity. Then opened his own restaurant. And in connection with the economic crisis, which is comprehended by America in 2008, Jerry’s bank deposits were frozen.

But the tax police workers are little worried about the problems and justification of the champion – they clearly perform their work, and intend to return the full amount of unpaid taxes in the treasury with the accrued penalties.

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