ELK Studios has released Cygnus slot

The Cygnus video slot is a new gambling game from ELK Studios and is the name of a stellar constellation located 700 million light-years from our planet, and known for the fact that it perfectly matches the location of the pyramids in the Egyptian Giza. The manufacturer has built its new slot with 6 reels, 4 rows and 4096 pay lines. However, the number of rows and lines can increase with each victory of the Avalanche to 8 rows and 262,144 lines.

Cygnus video slot comes with new and innovative game mechanics that use gravity to make rounded symbols roll onto each other. By combining this feature with the avalanche feature, the user will get an interesting basic slot setup, which is sure to cause a high wave in the gaming world. There is only one way to activate the free spins or free falls feature in this gambling game, which is through the gravity mechanic. Also watch out for the scatters, as you only need this one symbol to slide down to touch the left monolith and call the function with free spins.

  • Brand – ELK Studios
  • RTP – 96.1%
  • Risk – HIGH
  • Max. winning – 500,000 coins
  • Min. (max) bet $, €,? – 0.2 (100)
  • Scheme – 6х4
  • Qty. lines – 4096
  • Devices – stationary PC, tablet, smartphone
  • Technologies – JS, HTML5
  • The launch date is 12/03/2019.

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