February novelties from the company “Genesis Gaming”

Players online Casino in February should work hard, because more companies represent their February developments. Did not want to stay aside and company "Genesis Gaming". The creator of the slots from America introduced the online gembling online at once three games. The first gaming machine will appear to the court chairs of the twelfth February, and the other two are already fourteenth.

Brand "Genesis Gaming" known to players from all over the world due to their bright slots. The company from the United States does not simply create automata, it gives the player a whole colorful world hidden behind the monitor, causing the attention of anyone who connect to the slot. The developer tries to avoid the same type, template slots already fed up players. Each product, in addition to the unique graphic and thematic idea, has in its arsenal and a rather high percentage of payments, which will undoubtedly please the company’s customers.

The ideas of new slot machines announced in February will also please players with their idea and design.

First slot "Vikings" tells about the northern militant people, scandinavas. The plot of the game unfolds five to three field, has fifty paid lines, a wild symbol and loved by all free rotations.

Second slot "Hear Me Roar" tells about the fascinating adventures of Lion and his comrades. Developers in this gaming machine highlight two hundred forty-three possible payment lines, a wild symbol, scatter and, of course, free.

Third slot "Leprechaun Tales" Introduces Customer Brand with Leprichona, perch of them into the world legends of this population. In a slot machine, less than paid lines – only twenty-five, however, the presence of a bonus game balances the chances of attracting players, and most likely even increases them.

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