Phil Ivey filed a lawsuit to CROCKFORDS

In August last year, the Legend of Poker – Phil Ivey was pretty a pleasant surprise, winning 12 million. Dollars, playing at high bets in Punto Bank – one of the most exclusive gambling clubs in London. But the owner of the CROCKFORDS club decided not to pay the winning cash.

A few months later, Phil filed a lawsuit to the company for the company in order to gain his gain. Initially, the casino argued her reluctance to give the winnings to the fact that a thorough check of the honesty of the game and the honesty. But. To date, all arguments are exhausted, and the results of casino checks are not presented. Card game experts argue that in such a game, which Ivi played, it is almost impossible to adjust.

Phil Ivey himself repeatedly stated in his interview that he was very saddown by the current situation and that he was unpleasant this process, since he, as a player, always performed his obligations to the casino.

CROCKFORDS lawyers in turn declare that the casino positions already stated in this case.

The proceedings continue.

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