Former Governor: No need for casinos in Tokyo

A zealous supporter of the construction of various gambling establishments in Tokyo, ex-governor of the capital of Japan, Shintaro Ishihara, sharply changed his point of view on this issue and said that there is no need to open casinos in Tokyo, so the development of the gambling business should be promoted in the more undeveloped regions of Japan.

“Gambling resorts should be developed, first of all, in the economically underdeveloped regions of Japan. There they will bring the maximum effect, bringing profit to the regional budget in the form of tax deductions. Also, additional jobs will be created in such regions. We need to follow the proven path, adopting the successful strategy of the US authorities. The most suitable cities for the construction of casino resorts, in my opinion, are the cities of Atami and Shizuoka, ”Shintaro Ishihara said at a press conference.

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