French Gambling Industry

It can be firmly said that the playing market of Western Europe is monolithic, since the rules and principles of work for each country are the same. However, some differences in countries still have. They manifest themselves due to the mentality and native history of each country. Consider the features of the gambling industry in France.


For the French, gaming institutions are something special. Back in ancient times, a lot of gembling objects worked in the country. Women were allowed to attend game establishments only in 1986. During the second world gambling institutions transferred to special game zones. It is noteworthy that, despite the experience of colleagues, who opened the game resorts in the capitals, the French, on the contrary, decided to transfer the casino away from Paris. Because of the new law, many casinos closed. Now around 200 casino.

To open your gambling institution, the operator must receive approval from local authorities, then from the Minister of Internal Affairs. The Ministry of Internal Affairs decides on recruitment of personnel and game availability.

Casino employees in France are forbidden to carry chips in the club or cash. So that they could not be hidden in his pocket, workers wear a special form without pockets.

Not allowed to casino citizens who are dressed in a military uniform, as well as minors. Closed access and those who are in the black list. These are players who are in the list of self-slip, fraudsters, ruled violators.

Casino outside the law

As you know, it is impossible to open casino in Paris. Therefore, the closed club operates in the capital. Only those who were personally charged with one of the club members personally. This is a non-traditional casino, where you can play card games and backgammon. He opened back in 1907. Let go to the club by dress code. In this place was held World Poker Tour.

The French are a gambling that loves the casino. Their gambling establishments differ from the institutions of the "City of Sin". Each gambling establishment is created with taste. The French love beautiful things, interior, decor.

Ground casino

Each game establishment in the country has its own unique history.You can describe each, but 2 game plants deserve special attention. The first is located in Lyon and is the largest in the country. Among entertainment are: poker, roulette, blackjack. Each visitor is the identification. The second is in Nice. His distinctive feature is an incredible decor. It has elements of French, Egyptian and Greek culture.

Online casino

Soon the country will change the gambling regulator. Opening license online casino He does not issue. Interestingly, the state allows you to play slot machines and other gambling in institutions of international operators. But it is also not responsible for the quality of services of other operators. In France, you can put online in the bookmaker.

Favorite game – Poker

Poker is one of the favorite gambling disciplines of the French. Residents of the country are happily watching the decisive poker competitions. Popular gaming institutions take poker tournaments annually. Every year the number of participants in the competition increases. Charitable tournaments are often held in the country.


Popular entertainment for citizens of France is also racks. The first such institution opened in 1870. Longchamp hippoder accommodates 50,000 spectators. The famous tote is Pari Mutuel.


In the country, the lottery is engaged in a monopoly operator. This is a national lottery, however, it will soon become privatized. The operator provided a large number of services. Part of the income has highlighted on social programs. Why his work will stop? At the initiative of the EU. Still, monopoly contradicts the principles of healthy gambling relations. The state that controlled the work of one operator could fully protect the players.

Sports rates

At first, the betting in the country included and rates, and elements of the lottery. Although this species still works in some countries. Now this is the standard bookmaker, the work of which regulates the lottery operator. But, nevertheless, the lottery elements in French betting are.

The operator can not add sports in line for rates without the consent of the regulator. The operator cannot set rates from the organizer if he does not cooperate with it. Thus, the country supports sports federation.

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