French “Heritage Lottery”

Such an unusual lottery is planned in France already 2 times. This draw is designed to save the cultural attractions of the country. He began in March and will end in early July.

The debut of this lottery collected about 50 million euros. This colossal amount helped fix 269 vintage architectural structures. In 2019, the authorities were listed for restoration of only 18 facilities. But the organizers clarified that the list would gradually expand.

In 2018, more than 2 million French became participants in this interesting lottery. Although, according to experts, more people could take part. All because of the prices of the most draw ticket. Its cost was 15 euros. For many it is a rather big amount. The organizers will offer to buy a lottery ticket for 3 euros this year.

The "Heritage Lottery" will be completed in July, 14. On the last day of the draw among the participants will be played by a round sum – 13 million euros.

How did this lottery appear? The idea of ​​the French authorities themselves applied. In 2017, the President of the country asked to prepare a list of architectural objects that need restoration. When the list was prepared, and it came to the financing of the project, the authorities themselves came up with such an unexpected way to receive money. From this decision won both the residents and the government. People gave the opportunity to participate in the draw, and the authorities retained money in the treasury. The lottery was approved at the legislative level at the end of 2017.

Such an idea of ​​the draw picked up and Belarusians. Soon they will launch an instant lottery that will be held 5 years. The main purpose of the draw is the development of sanatoriums and environmental enterprises.

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