Galaxy Ent revenue for the first half of 2018 increased by a quarter

2018 is a successful year for the Galaxy Ent casino holding. At the beginning of the year, they were able to implement an increase in salaries for their employees, and according to the financial results of the first half of the year, they received + 25% of revenue.

In particular, net income increased by + 15%, as evidenced by the financial report released by the company. If you subtract the amount of taxes and other planned collection of funds, it turns out that the company’s treasury received profits of 3.1 billion euros. Moreover, more than 2 billion of this amount is the proceeds from the Galaxy Macau casino.

Louis Che Wu, CEO of GEG, also shared information about the increased amount of the company’s shares – 0.54 euros per unit. This, according to Wu, speaks of optimistic financial projections for the future and high chances of an early return on equity capital. And besides, the president of the company expects that his initiative to implement a new project on about. Boracay will also be approved.

In terms of EBITDA, Galaxy Ent also rose 34%. Now it is estimated at 944 million euros. Well, the revenue of shareholders is up to 790 million euros, which is 56% more than in the same previous period.

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