Gambling business may be severely restricted in Latvia

After the elections to the Latvian parliament in the country can severely restrict the entire gambling business, introducing new rules. This was stated by a representative of the Latvian political party "Regional Alliance".
“In Latvia, it is necessary to seriously limit all gambling. It is necessary to make sure that gambling establishments work only in VIP hotels. Also, gambling business operators are simply required to comply with all the necessary security measures. First of all, the entrance to gambling establishments should be closed for people addicted to gambling and for players under age. And in order for the operators of the gambling business to be able to control such players, it is necessary to create a special register with the data of Latvian citizens who are addicted to gambling, ”said the politician.
Let us remind you, as previously reported in the Latvian Lottery Inspection, Latvians addicted to gambling and trying to avoid ruin can officially write a statement asking not to let them into the casino. During the entire period of the law, 1244 such applications were submitted, and in the first months of this year, 85 citizens of Latvia wrote such applications.

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