Gambling establishments started working again in Lviv region

In the village of Vinniki, Lviv region, a gambling establishment previously closed by the police and carrying out its activities illegally began to work again. One of the coordinators of the STOP Gambling organization, Roman Semenov, spoke about this.
“Three underground gambling clubs were illegally operating in Vinniki in the wound. At the beginning of this year, these establishments were closed by the police, but the other day one of these underground clubs, without any reason, started its activities again. At a meeting of the City Council, the deputies decided that this institution should be closed until Tuesday, ”Roman Semenov said.
As previously reported, in the city of Vinniki, activists, together with the police, carried out a raid and closed all underground casinos. Law enforcers sealed all the premises where these establishments were located. On these facts, criminal proceedings were opened. However, at the stage of pre-trial investigation, the cases of illegal gambling business stalled. In addition, all gambling equipment disappeared from one of the sealed establishments.

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