Where winnings are not taxed

Not in all countries of the world Gambling is legal. Where gambling is allowed, casino operators pay taxes. Even the winners give part of their winning in the country’s treasury. But there are those countries where lucky takes all the winning fully.

In America, for example, a citizen is obliged to indicate the amounts of losses and winnings, and pay 25% of gembling-income.

In many countries, the player pays the country tax from the winnings, in the event that a person is engaged in professionally. But if the player has a job where he gets more, then the tax gain is not subject to tax.


If the player is lucky in the online casino, then he does not pay a part of the win. Gambling points in Austria are located in 13 regions. As for the operators themselves, they must contribute from their income in the treasury, regardless of the method of providing the service.


Play legally in gambling entertainment Belgians began only 12 years ago, although the industry itself in the country flourishes from the 14th century.

Players in this country do not pay taxes from winning, but operators pay for a license tax every year.


In this country, people play slot machines and other gambling for quite a long time.

Players do not have to give a part of the winnings, at least they won online, or in the ground casino.

Casino regularly paid gambling tax and license tax. In each state, the law about the tax varies a bit. Some take into account the entire turnover of the institution, other simply profit, third – guest losses.


In this country gambling popular from the 14th century. Then there was a time when Igor’s activity was banned. Soon allowed the draws and lottery. Gradually, the law made amendments, and now even in the Canadian province there are gambling establishments. In 2000 we legalized games online. The tax on winning in Canada is not withdrawn.


Legal gembling in Bulgaria was made back in 1993, the system of licensing and taxation was created only recently.

Gamers do not pay taxes with winnings, whether they got it online or in terrestrial gambling establishments.

Operators themselves pay licensed collection, location tax, board games and roulette.


In Denmark, gambling are popular from the 19th century, although the gambling institutions themselves are quite small.

Winnings both in ground and online casinos are not taxed. But operators pay quite considerable taxes in the treasury.


In this state, you can count about 200 gambling establishments, online gambling is also legalized. Gamers of winnings do not pay. But the owners of gambling establishments pay taxes from 6-20% of profits.


This country that has rich gembling history. Despite this, only one legal casino works in Finland. This casino is the only one in the world that all his profits sacrifices in charity funds.

Players take their winning completely. But operators pay a little more than 8% of the profit.

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