Gambling Industry in Germany

Gambling business Germany still did not fully revealed his potential. Problem in the difficulties of legislation. In this publication, consider the features of managing German gambling business and business development prospects.

At the beginning of the spring, the heads of German lands met to discuss the amendments of the Law on Gambling. They want to provide the opportunity to operators to expand their capabilities.

7 years ago, the monopoly in the field of betting ceased. The state assumed that operators who will receive licenses will be able to work in the country for 7 years. But the plan interrupted the trial. And no license has been issued.

Amendment in legislation

The authorities tried to optimize and expand the area of ​​work for bookmakers. At the meeting, the members decided to extend the term of the license for 2 years. These changes were transferred to the European Commission.

It is expected that these changes will help run the issuance of new licenses and not only for land-based institutions. These rules can be extended until 2024. It was decided to cancel the limit on the number of licenses issued.

However, in this amendment there is a deficiency: we are talking only about the betting segment and does not affect the online sector.

Online segment

Online casino, including gaming machines only in one region of Germany. On this earth, 20 licenses were issued, the period of which has already expired. Because of this, officials of this region pushed to the state so that it makes regulation more loyal. Licenses for operators were extended. Parliament of the Earth Schleswig-Holstein extended a license for another 2.5 years. At the same time, the amendment does not allow to issue new licenses.


In essence, this amendment is not an innovation, this is a temporary measure. And the gambling segment in the country requires fundamental reform. The zone of online gambling for many Germans is closed until now.

But this amendment involves improving the work of the bookmaker. Officials made rules for operators transparent, understandable and accurate. Transparency is an important point for the successful development of the industry.

It is expected that simplifying and accuracy of the rules lure representatives of the "gray" market to licensed.

But the amendment did not cancel important items that specialists criticize. The decision on the consolidation of a limit in the amount of thousands of Euro. Not disclosed problems in the online segment.

The amendment will come into force on the first day of the new year. Requirements for operators who want to get a license have been issued for another six months ago.

The authorities promise that as soon as the licenses for betting operators will begin to be issued, they will deal with the illegal segment. Operators and platforms that are engaged in illegal activities will be blocked.

Interestingly, if a licensed bookmaker is already seen in the work of an illegal online casino, his license is canceled.

In the summer of 2021, the authorities will create a new regulatory framework aimed at regulating online gambling.

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