The main milestones of the development of gambling

Gambling took place a long and difficult way to become almost the most bright and largest game sector in the world. No matter how large the evolution of gambling, from the point of view of both mental and technological aspects, it would be more appropriate to consider it as a constantly developing and changing sphere.

In modern society, gambling is considered in different ways, and so it was from ancient times: people were looking for a risk, good luck, and adrenaline, throwing a coin for the first time, thereby putting the beginning of the Great and Epic History of Gambling.

How it all started

Many historians and theorists are inclined to believe that the emergence of gambling is associated with the interest of primitive people to bet. People threw sticks, trying to predict the outcome, as well as predicting the "actions of the gods". This led to rates, as later people stopped doing forecasts and made bets on what could happen in the near future.

China. The development of gambling in ancient times began in ancient China, where the first gaming game was allegedly played in the 10th century. As an authentic proof, the Chinese "Book of Songs" refers to the "Figure of the Tree" and, thus, assumes that the Chinese could initiate a lottery. In addition to the fact that ancient China was the first place in which a gambling was created, he is also considered the birthday of playing cards.

Greece. Civilization, which contributed to the development of money based games is not limited to ancient China. Ancient Greece welcomed the number of the world’s first casinos and promoted the spread of many games around the world. The most outstanding Greek poet, Homer, mentioned for the first time about some of the games in his texts. Embedded by general mythological beliefs and legends inherent in Greek culture, the players of ancient Greece were counted for heavenly forces.

The Roman Empire. In ancient Rome, people in all possible social layers – from slaves to emperors – were fond of gambling games. Everywhere in the ancient world, including the Roman Empire, there was a sexist philosophy – women were not allowed to play gambling, except during the Bona Dea festival, which gave women a rare chance to join gambling. As for some games that the Romans preferred most, there were games in bones with various symbols: crosses, leaves and squares. Another game, which was mostly admired by the Romans, was the game of twelve signs.

Gambling Culture Online Games

Gambling has undergone a number of radical changes. In the early 1890s, the first slot machine laid the beginning of a new era of the game industry. The last decade of the XIX century was marked by the appearance in 1891 the first coin machine. Sittman & Pitt, New York Game Production Company, developed a brand new 5-eraser. It produced a huge Furior among the prosperous members of the Society, who played traditional Casino Board Games.

But it would seem, the perfect novelty has not yet been improved and modernized by Charles Feem, which is known as a person who built the first slot machine. Experts cannot say an accurate year when this car was developed, but it appeared somewhere between 1887 and 1895. Fay has expanded SITTMAN device functionality & Pitt, allowing the machine to produce automatic payments and eliminating numerous difficulties. He replaced the drums and inserted only 5 characters instead of playing cards. Traditional slot machines were popular until the beginning of the 1960s, when the industry developed the first electromechanical gaming machine, which won public attention. And then came 1976, sign for gambling: Fortune Coin introduced the first slot machine in Las Vegas. Implementation of online slots turned the whole game culture with legs.

Full and high-quality slot machines have proven themselves, but in fact nothing stands in place. In the mid-1990s, the cherished name of the "brightest opening of gambling" was transferred to truly revolutionary introduction of gambling online games.

Innovative online games

In 1994, the global development of gambling business has reached its full dissemination in the world. Microgaming has developed the first online casino in 1994. Thus, the gambling business had to express himself and adapt to new trends in the giant Internet empire.

The gaming machines, which largely resemble the old slots from land casinos and bars. They were limited to functionality and assortment in comparison with today’s online slots catalogs. Hundreds of players were able to try the innovative version of classic slot machines. Meanwhile, gambling online games are experiencing a peak of their "glory": the number of online casino sites has grown from 15 in 1996 to more than 200 in 1997, and revenues reached $ 830 million in 1998.

And these are not the only milestones of development in the online gembling industry. Gambling attract thousands of curious gamers in online casinos, where they can enjoy the favorite desktop games online, slot machines and other types of gambling, without leaving home. To date, there are more than 100 developers of online casino games and over 500 sites offering gambling. Moreover, using the technology of the blockchain and crypto currencies, the online gembling sector probably has not yet reached its peak.

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