Citizens of Spain are protesting against gambling

In early October, Spain passed a massive protest against the spread of gambling business. People scares the rapid growth of gambling objects in the country and the popularization of gambling. Opponents of such leisure urged the government to come up with a "more decent type of entertainment" for citizens of Spain.

It is worth noting that the Spanish gambling market is one of the most essential in Europe. Active growth of gambling facilities noted since 2014. According to proven data, 5 years since 2012, the game market has grown almost 4 times. His income increased from 3 billion to 13 billion euros!


The biggest protest was held, as it should be, in the capital. Citizens opposed a large amount of casinos, which opened even next to schools.

For 6 years in Madrid gaming facilities has become more than 3 times. The rally was organized by a special platform that opposes the bookmakers. One of the representatives of the organization stated that their main goal is to eliminate gambling objects, because they destroy everything around. A man also clarified that they disagree to tighten the rules of work of the bookmakers, they want their complete elimination. According to the protesters, the casino is not a place in the cities, because they do not twist, they will be located near educational or entertainment institutions.

What experts say

Spanish psychologists argue that more and more parents are treated for qualified help, since their children have gambling addiction. And this means that children are major guests in gambling establishments.

Opponents of gambling are clarifying that the massive passion for gambling appeared after the gembling advertising began to advertise hard on the Internet. Namely after the legalization of online casino. Since 2010, the Spaniards can safely play slot machines online.

Although the state strictly controls gambling business on the Internet and on land, there are autonomous territories that themselves are responsible for the situation of gambling objects on their land.

Officials recently submitted edits to the law, where it is forbidden to advertise rates for sports and casinos in public media. Also received a proposal to limit the accommodation of gambling facilities, and it is that they are from schools at a distance not closer than 100 meters.

Such measures can help in the future, but now the research results are completely disappointing: each 5 schoolboy suffers from gambling dependence. This indicator is the highest in Europe.

Now Spanish officials are discussing more radical measures that are aimed at tight limitations of gambling distribution. One of the items is a complete ban on gambling advertising. The state also wants to ban celebrities to participate in any promotion of operator games.

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