Hackers stole over $ 500 thousand from online casinos in a month

Hackers stole $ 338,000 from DEOSBet blockchain casino customers. This theft took place a month after the first hack in September, when unknown persons stole more than $ 200,000 from an online casino. Reported by The Next Web.

Reportedly, hackers were able to withdraw more than 65 thousand EOS (cryptocurrency of the DEOSBet blockchain casino) from users’ wallets, at the current exchange rate it is about 338 thousand dollars. Hackers on the platform changed QR codes and sent all funds of DEOSBet blockchain casino clients to their wallet.

As a reminder, in September of this year, hackers have already robbed the DEOSBet blockchain casino. Then unknown persons broke the system code and “won” 24 jackpots at once on virtual roulette. Then the hackers were able to steal more than 200 thousand dollars.

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