Haiwan will become a casino area

Hainan Island is planned to be made the official play area of ​​China. An anonymous person close to the government said that the legalization of casinos in this way is not excluded. Well, within mainland China, gambling will still be prohibited by law.

Lotteries, sweepstakes and online casinos can be opened in Hainan. Such an initiative will be submitted to President Xi Jinping among the party reforms. The goal of the initiative is to reinforce the relaxation of the visa regime and attract more tourists. In particular, for these purposes, a new airport was built in Dongfang (west coast). There are now 3 airports operating in mainland China.

This state of affairs will fundamentally change the economic situation in the province. The island’s budget is in severe deficit, exacerbated by the conglomerate’s debt on loans. Well, if the law is approved, Hainan will become a worthy competitor to Hong Kong and Macau – it will be able to replenish the treasury by 33 billion pounds.

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