Hackers begin to publish a hacked casino data Rama Resort

Rama Resort Casino in Ontario, Canada on Thursday announced that it was exposed to a cyber attack, which could cause damage to information collected since 2004. The next day, the lawyer began preparation of a claim in the amount of $ 50 million against the owners.

Lawyer from Toronto, Ted Charney presented a lawsuit on Friday and on several reports of the media statement on the claim will be filed in the Supreme Court already Monday.

Casino warned customers in a press release that they should be vigilant when considering credit cards, bank accounts and other financial information for unrecognized transactions or changes after the news of the cyberat. Some places are reported that the Rama Resort casino has become aware of the violation of November 4, but they were waiting for several days before warned customers.

Customer data were compromised, at least since 2007. Hackers have access to information about employees, about the company, including financial reports, customer data, including credit requests. According to an anonymous employee, there is a chance that all the information came to the attackers, since 2004.

OLG says the violation occurred only in Rama Resort Casino and information on customers from other casinos under their jurisdiction is safe.

In the initial press release, casino says that, although there is no evidence that hackers are still inside the system, data can be published on the Internet. At the end of Friday, CityNews reported that they received pages that were hacking data, and that Hacker argued that all data will be published over the next 72 hours. The information that was in the message includes rates and credit history of some customers, bank faxes that give credit to customers, as well as reports on the work of employees.

Until now, there were no official statements or public recognition of hackers who were involved in kiberatak.
Rama Resort Casino is the largest similar institution in the region and takes about 3 million visitors every year. The institution offers a variety of slot machines with a total of 2500, 110 game tables and 12 tables for playing poker. Entertainment centers include several halls and accommodate 5,000 people.

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