Hawaii’s first government casino project moves ahead

The Hawaiian Inland Lands Department wants to build a casino resort on its site in Kapolei, which has already been designated a commercial site. The upcoming state legislature will need to change the law to implement this project.

The Hawaiian Housing Commission reportedly previously voted to create the first casino in Hawaii, which will generate income for the Aboriginal Apartment Program. The Commission approved the bill, which will be submitted to the Legislative Assembly. This project will also be reviewed by the state attorney general and the governor to determine if they support it.

DHHL (Department of Hawaiian Hinterland) deputy chairman Tyler Lokepa Gomez said the casino proposal aims to help thousands of people queuing up for housing.

“This bill is the single greatest opportunity we have to place ourselves at the mercy of economic self-sufficiency,” he said.

Gomez disagreed with those who believe that gambling is incompatible with Hawaiian culture, and said Hawaiians have always welcomed games based on skill and luck.

The department wants to build a casino and resort on the Hawaiian Homelands in Kapolei, which has already been designated a commercial site. Gomez said the casino will raise at least $ 30 million a year to help build homes for the nearly 29,000 Native Hawaiians on the waiting list.

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