Helpline for gambling addicts launched in Latvia

In Latvia, the Esi brivs organization, together with the Skalbes crisis management center, has opened a helpline for people suffering from gambling addiction. As representatives of the public organization Esi brivs said, now there is no exact information about how many people in Latvia are addicted to gambling, but there can be a lot of them, as people try not to talk about their addiction. These people cannot cope with such a serious problem on their own.

“Many people try not to talk about their addiction to gambling. However, we believe that this serious problem must be discussed so that we have the opportunity to help such people. We have created a hotline for all those who have faced problems with gambling addiction in Latvia. Our qualified psychotherapists will help everyone in need from 12:00 to 20:00, six days a week, ”said Esi brivs.

As the psychotherapist Dace Zeitsa noted, the problem of gambling addiction is now seriously aggravated by gadgets, since with their help many people, without leaving their homes, play in online casinos and place bets on sports competitions.

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