“Hong Kong Tower” – slot machine from the company “ELK”

The new Swedish gaming machine was pleased with players in early April 2017. Company "ELK" Announced video silos to Chinese theme: actions on the screen occur against the background of Hong Kong skyscrapers, famous around the world. Basic elements of the application "Hong Kong Tower" Stress the selected by the developers. Direction: Flowering lily, Yin-Yan symbols, image of five primary elements, diamonds, bonsai tree.

Slot machines contain the following characteristics:

– Gaming processes occur on the field 5 * 3 with 99 active payout lines;

– The game offers 12 rates for each currency;

– Rate selection strategies are divided into the following:

1) Optimizer – the rate is done automatically, given the selected percentage of the player’s balance;

2) Leveller – raising rates on level 2 after 5 consecutive losses. Repetition increases the bid for another level level 2. Reset after victory.

3) Booster – raising rate by 1 level after losing to reach 4 levels above the basic bet. Reset after victory.

4) Jumper – raising rates by 1 level after each winning round until 4 levels above the basic bet. Reset after victory.

– A table with combinations of collecting characters will allow the player to get acquainted in advance with the amount of payments for one or another symbols collected;

– Automatic scroll spins is carried out using a special button "AUTO SPIN";

– in a gaming machine "Hong Kong Tower" 2 game modes: normal and bonus. Bonus round starts when there is three or more scatters on the game field. Differences of these rounds is: when collecting 3 scatters, a round "Heavenly Bonus Game" is launched; Having gathered 4 Skatters – "Heavenly Game" will contain one extra life, and five – two lives.

– The RTP developers declared in the game is 96.03%;

– The maximum winning slot is 301650 coins.

In Sweden, a huge number of online casino players prefer to connect to favorite gaming machines through mobile devices, so in this country, the slots for such devices are especially qualitatively working.

Video Slot "Hong Kong Tower" Conquer the user’s imagination from the first seconds of playing the game due to the subtlety of musical accompaniment, as well as the wonders of architecture and the beautiful Hong Kong light show.

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